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What does -DIGITAL LAW FIRM mean?

It is hard to imagine our modern world without the word digitization. Whether in the private sphere or in our working lives – digitization has changed our world, and thus also US, enormously. We are dealing with it every day, but how to explain this word? Did you know that the word “digital” is derived from Latin – “digitus” translates as “finger”?

Now we could turn to technology and tell you about the electronic conversion of analog data. Let us stick to our popular catchword: “paperless office”.

It was the beginning of our journey when we made the decision of going paperless some time ago. Scanners moved in, new DATEV software (e.g. “DATEV Unternehmen online”) required training and soon terms like “cloud”, “web file” or “e-balance sheet” were no longer foreign words to us. After all, a digital law firm means a consistently digital way of working! With the award of the Datev seal “Digitale Kanzlei” (digital law firm), we have now reached the home stretch.

Digitization runs like a thread through all areas – payroll and financial accounting, taxes, preparation of annual financial statements, auditing – even in consulting work, it is no longer possible to imagine working without evaluations in electronic form.

Scanning paper documents or photographing them via an app, uploading electronic documents with just a few clicks – among other things, this saves time, eliminates the need for commuting folders, and provides flexibility, since the client and tax advisor are guaranteed access to documents at any time and from anywhere.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic. Please contact us! We are gladly there for you.