Auditing – many people associate this merely with the mandatory annual audit of the annual financial statements and thus also fear and discontent towards an external person who looks on their fingers in the financial sector. The term covers so much more: a qualitative balance sheet analysis and an assessment of the economic and strategic situation of the company. In order to be able to carry out analyses of this kind, auditing as such is not just ticking off a checklist, but rather a long process comprising many task packages. The auditor must develop a feeling for the company, its products and processes. He must recognize the philosophy and vision of the company. Know-how in all areas of business management is indispensable for the auditor in order to be able to detect errors, suggest solutions and give an outlook into the future.

In order to be well prepared and equipped for future times, it is therefore advisable for companies that are not subject to the auditing obligation to conduct a voluntary annual audit without the legal constraints.

In addition, we advise and support you in complex economic tasks, such as company valuation, due diligence, reorganisation reports and other expert activities.

Our audit services include:

  • Annual audit
  • Group and sub-group audits
  • Company evaluation audit
  • AG-Foundation Audit
  • Dependency check
  • AG management audit

Auditing – Why with us?

Because we…

  • have many years of professional experience
  • work across locations
  • have international partners at our side
  • have references in various industries