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Employees online

30. November 2018 | Wiki
The principle of employee online is that you can digitally distribute work. In addition, you are able to distribute payroll accounting to your employees online and automatically after payroll accounting. From the employee’s point of view: Employees online = an offer from your employer to work with you digitally. In the portal, it provides youWeiterlesen

Assurance Audit

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These include auditing services outside the scope of the final audit. This includes system audits, including those by Corporate Governance.


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Serves to prevent various corporate risks such as antitrust law, prohibition of insider trading, prevention of corruption, but also compliance with other regulations not anchored in the law or agreements on environmental protection.


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The term digitization refers to the changes in processes, events and objects that occur with the increasing use of digital devices. In short: Digitization = conversion of analog values into a digital form All data can be processed using information technology, a principle that underlies all manifestations of the digital revolution in business, society, workWeiterlesen

Governance, Risk & Compliance / Corporate Governance

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Governance, Risk & Compliance summarizes the three most important levels of action of a company for its successful management: Governance is corporate management through defined guidelines. This includes the definition of corporate goals, the methodology used to implement them and the planning of the resources required to achieve the goals. Risk stands for risk managementWeiterlesen

Continued pay

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This refers to continued pay (continued payment of remuneration) in the event of illness. This means that the wage will continue to be paid for a certain period of time without any corresponding work being done. An employee is entitled to continued pay from the time when his employment relationship lasts four weeks. It endsWeiterlesen

Process organization

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The aim of a company’s process organization is to efficiently meet customer needs. A distinction is made between core processes (including production processes, material processes, logistics processes), management processes (personnel management, financial management, project management,…) and supporting processes (accounting, canteen, maintenance). The customer does not benefit directly from the latter, but is nevertheless essential forWeiterlesen

Turnaround management

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This is used if a company is stuck in an economic crisis. Turnaround management is an attempt to get it back on track and protect it from insolvency. One speaks of a “reorganization” of the company. The first step in this process is to initiate restructuring measures. This is followed by an analysis of theWeiterlesen

Due Diligence

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This term refers to the careful examination, analysis and thus the reliable assessment of companies. If a company takeover or participation is planned, a conscientious due diligence examination of the company should be carried out, especially with regard to the economic, tax, legal and financial circumstances.

Electronic balance / e-balance sheet

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E-balance sheet stands for electronic balance sheet and describes, as the name suggests, the electronic transmission of a company balance sheet to the responsible tax office.