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4. July 2023 | Internal

What does -DIGITAL LAW FIRM mean?

26. March 2022 | Internal
It is hard to imagine our modern world without the word digitization. Whether in the private sphere or in our working lives – digitization has changed our world, and thus also US, enormously. We are dealing with it every day, but how to explain this word? Did you know that the word “digital” is derivedWeiterlesen

We wish a merry and peaceful Christmas!

20. December 2021 | Internal

Group growth

11. February 2021 | Internal
Last year we started almost at the same time with group growth at the Gräfelfing location. We are especially pleased that we could further strengthen our group even in these difficult times. Group work aims at success – with the integration of the tax law firm Fritz Scheck we were able to realize “group growth”Weiterlesen

1. January 2021 | Internal

21. December 2020 | Internal

Despite corona crisis – We are there for you!

6. April 2020 | Internal
Dear Sir or Madam,dear clients, business partners and friends, The current situation is not easy for all of us – it confronts us with many challenges and demands one or the other decision, both in the private and the business sector. We, the SRS Audit-Group, would like to take this opportunity to tell you thatWeiterlesen

Group growth

14. February 2020 | Internal
With the start of the new year we have opened a further location: the tax office Gräfelfing. Under the management of Claudia Layer, this team will from now on not only support our Munich office.

We wish you all a happy and blessed Advent Season!

30. November 2019 | Internal

„Operation Christmas Child“

15. November 2019 | Internal
Also this year our lovingly wrapped shoe boxes started their journey again, for instance to Georgia, Romania and the Ukraine. We’d love to be there when the boxes get opened to look into the children’s bright eyes. In a few weeks we will open the first door on the Advent calendar, light the first candleWeiterlesen